jQuery MeioMask : Masking Text inputs use jQuery plugin

jQuery-MeioMaskDesigned for creating masked input texts, this jquery plugin will handle all input from users. As mention, encoding is important if you are going to use the mask with special characters like áéã (rule ‘@’, see below for more). If you are going to allow these characters at your masked inputs and your page enconding is not UTF8, then you should add the charset attribute with value UTF8 to your script tag.

Here are meioMask features:
– Accepts paste event;
– Has fixed and reverse mask types ( allow number mask );
– You can still use your hotkeys and others (ex: ctrl+t, ctrl+f5, TAB …);
– Supports metadata plugin;
– Works with iPhone;
– Allow default values;
– Has callbacks for invalid inputs, valid and overflow;
– Has function to mask strings;

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