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How to add jQuery Virtual Keyboard

jQuery-Virtual-Keyboard-FreeIf you want add a virtual keyboard, you can using jQuery UI. Well, here is some features of jQuery Virtual Keyboard :
– An on-screen virtual keyboard embedded within the browser window which will popup when a specified entry field is focused.
– The user can then type and preview their input before Accepting or Canceling.
– Add custom keyboard layouts easily.
– Add up to four standard key sets to each layout that use the shift and alt keys (default, shift, alt and alt-shift).
– Add any number of optional modifier keys (meta keys) to add more key sets.
– Each meta key set also includes the shift, alt and alt-shift keysets – New in version 1.8.9.
– Position the keyboard in any location around the element, or target another element on the page.
– Easily modify the key text to any language or symbol.
– Allow direct input or lock the preview window.
– Set a maximum length to the inputted content.

[button more=”https://github.com/Mottie/Keyboard” demo=”http://mottie.github.io/Keyboard/” download=”http://github.com/Mottie/Keyboard/downloads”]

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