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Free API - jQuery Plugin

tweetbars : Simple way to display latest tweets with jQuery & Handlebars.js

Using Tweetbars, you can display your latest tweets with jQuery + Handlebars.js Template easier. Just simple put few line of code, your tweets will show up on blog or website. [button more=”https://github.com/pinceladasdaweb/tweetbars” demo=”http://www.pinceladasdaweb.com.br/blog/uploads/tweetbars/” download=”https://github.com/pinceladasdaweb/tweetbars/archive/master.zip”]

Free API - jQuery Plugin

Weathro: weather status on your website

You’ll able to display a weather status of particular location on your website. Of course, this script will get the geographic location of visitor on your website. It utilized APIs exposed by wunderground.com. Interestingly, you can decided to choose the number days (range of one to four) for which you want to display the weatear …