jQuery UI

How to add jQuery Virtual Keyboard

If you want add a virtual keyboard, you can using jQuery UI. Well, here is some features of jQuery Virtual Keyboard : – An on-screen virtual keyboard embedded within the browser window which will popup when a specified entry field is focused. – The user can then type and preview their input before Accepting or …

Form - jQuery Plugin

jQuery MeioMask : Masking Text inputs use jQuery plugin

Designed for creating masked input texts, this jquery plugin will handle all input from users. As mention, encoding is important if you are going to use the mask with special characters like áéã (rule ‘@’, see below for more). If you are going to allow these characters at your masked inputs and your page enconding …

Ajax - HTML5

jQuery.LazyJaxDavis : Change static into dynamic – ajax based

The basic feature of jQuery.LazyJaxDavis is change all location-changes to dynamic – ajax based. You can read further detail on a document of jQuery.LazyJaxDavis. Its website is also its demo site. Try clicking left navigations in this page. You’ll see what jQuery.LazyJaxDavis does if you use a browser which supports history API. JQuery.LazyJaxDavis brings the …

Ajax - jQuery Plugin

jQuery File Download Plugin for Ajax

jQuery File Download is a cross server platform compatible jQuery plugin that allows for an Ajax-like file download experience that isn’t normally possible using the web. – Brings control back to the developer by exposing a “successCallback” and “failCallback” that allows the developer to control the user experience in either situation. – In conjunction with …

Free API - jQuery Plugin

tweetbars : Simple way to display latest tweets with jQuery & Handlebars.js

Using Tweetbars, you can display your latest tweets with jQuery + Handlebars.js Template easier. Just simple put few line of code, your tweets will show up on blog or website. [button more=”https://github.com/pinceladasdaweb/tweetbars” demo=”http://www.pinceladasdaweb.com.br/blog/uploads/tweetbars/” download=”https://github.com/pinceladasdaweb/tweetbars/archive/master.zip”]